English Language Teaching adventures in Minecraft? Is it real?  

What is Follow Me to Minecraft about?

Due to Covid19 social distancing has affected all aspects of children’s education and priority has been given to finding new ways of making remote learning engaging enough. 

English Language Teaching is also a subject that is missing out on the benefits of collaborative learning and can benefit from a digital learning environment. English teachers are in need of new approaches for applying PBL (Problem Based Learning) in virtual classrooms. The majority of today's approaches lack engaging lesson plans suitable for their students. Even though Minecraft is an ideal environment for delivering those kind of experiences, today there is no framework to fully support Problem Based Learning in a this context, let alone for ELT. 

This is what Follow Me to Minecraft aims to change: we offer a complete framework to support PBL for English teaching in Minecraft. Follow Me to Minecraft will harness the power of Minecraft to create a fun learning experience through activities aligned to level A1 of the CEFR. Our project ultimate goal is to enable students to embrace complexity, find relevance and joy in their learning, and enhance their capacity to make creative contributions to real-world problems.  

Our Target Group

The project is for English teachers to learn how to adapt face-to-face teaching skills to a Massively Multiplayer Online environment in Minecraft.     

What downloadable results can you find here?

  1. Collection of Practitioners approach to problem based learning in Minecraft        
  2. Interactive resource on ELT Adventures in Minecraft Collection       
  3. Feedback Loop and Recognition Framework (for Mainly primary-Secondary school students and individuals seeking official assessment of their A1 to A2 Level English)