Interactive Resource

Interactive Resource 
(Worlds, instructions and the troubleshooting guide)

This resource concludes to common technical specifications for delivering PBL through Minecraft which is a significant. It also provides the complete package comprising methods, specifications, challenges, handbook for implementation and all the resources together with instructional material for putting them to immediate use.  As a big plus: all the materials you can find here (FOLLOW ME Minecraft World, Mission, ELT challenges, resource packs and mods, instructional material, guides) are extendable and transferable. It can be extended to support more challenges developing other skills and it can be adapted for teaching other languages. 

Please, scroll on to see and download our 6 Minecrafts world and materials for free!

At the Airport (A2)

Departure hall, check-in, aisle, seatbelt...? Let the students enjoy a real-life-like experience at an international airport, practice topical vocabulary and at the same time also present perfect, modals or prepositions. This lesson can serve independently or as extra practice to the topic of travelling in your coursebooks.


Green School (A2/B1)

Teachers and students always want to do well in their learning environment. Schools have students from all cultures. Being educated in environmentally friendly, accessible schools makes students happy. There are things that can be done other than to process the lessons in a classical way. This Minecraft world aims at developing students vocabulary on environmental topics and forming sustainable living habits in a lively and educational way. Permanent and enjoyable teaching of the lessons is possible with blended learning combining gamification and conventional teaching methods.

Shopping Mall

Join the shopping spree in our Shopping Mall world! Under one roof you can buy everything from mum's shopping list, summer camp equipment and a gift for your sister. During this shopping adventure you can brush up on topical vocabulary and grammar and find out how to be a "green shopaholic".

Throwing a Party (B1)

Planning a party from scratch? Experience planning a theme farewell party for your English teacher! Make invitation cards, do the shopping, have fun when seeing your friends dressed up, think about specific diets while munching on food, and recall some artifacts related to the United Kingdom. Don't forget to clean up the place afterwards and share your plans for the summer!

Treasure Island (B1)

Learning English through reading stories - Robert Louis Stevenson’s book ‘Treasure Island’. Develop your students’ reading skills and learning through experiencing exciting adventures. Engaging students as readers motivates them and expands their vocabulary and reading skills. The six challenges in this Minecraft world focus on the book summary, museum exhibits, Treasure Island storyline and characters . The ‘Treasure Island’ context quiz at the end aims to revise and check students’ progress.

Around the City (A1)

How to get around in the city, practice vocabulary of direction and descriptions of people and animals in a funny and life-like way? Set out on an adventure of looking for a stolen dog. Will you find it with the help of the local people? And who knows, maybe you will help identify a criminal!